Contraceptive Implant Review for Acne & more- Must knows

I have always struggled finding the right contraception that agrees with my body. It seems that every single one I try always makes me break out? I’m at the point where I would rather not be on ANY contraception than keep trying ones with false hope and then I just break out again.

This is my second time of going on the Implant. The last time, I was about 16 /17 and it didn’t agree with my body at all. I actually lost a lot of weight? Which they say if anything, you’re likely to gain a tiny bit of weight on the implant but nope, not for me. I always had migraines, low mood, tired all the time. As I was quite young I just kept it in, in fear of having to have it taken out. Stupid.

Anyway, since then I have been on numerous contraception’s. Mainly ones that people have always said “OMG my acne cleared with that one”. Yasmin, Cilest, Microgynon and a few others which I cant remember the names of. NONE of them have ever helped my skin. I have basically had spots all through my teen years and early 20’s. When I was back in my teens, acne was seen very differently to how it is now. I feel like now days, everyone is so much more open and honest about their skin. More accepting. Everyone says social media is negatively effecting society BUT there are benefits to it too, especially for young people. All over Instagram now, girls and boys are so open about their skin flaws and even YouTube you can find millions of vloggers showing you their skin journeys, reviewing different products etc. Even my blog right now. You can read reviews everywhere.

As you will know, I’ve recently had Freddie. He is now 9 months old. When I fell pregnant with Freddie and for a while after (I’ve mentioned this in my other acne post) my skin was CLEAR. Literally no spots for almost a year. I went back on the Implant in February, so currently 5 months in. Since then, my spots have been coming back twice a month. So I definitely now know that it is hormones that is causing my acne. My periods are coming around twice a month rather than once which is obviously making my skin break out more frequently as I always break out on the week leading up to my period. One thing I can say that makes me happy is that the break outs are no where NEAR what they used to be. I get a few and then they go again, once I’m off my period. Whereas before I had acne constantly. I think because I’ve had it worst in the past, I am able to put up with this for the moment.

I am always tired at the moment and have much shorter patience with things. Which when you have a baby, patience is something you NEED. Luckily I’ve got the most patient boyfriend who can deal with my sassiness for the moment haha! Contraception works differently on everyone and I feel like it’s so hard to find the right one for you. I personally give up with trying different contraception’s. That’s just my choice. I’m not saying I would advise giving up if obviously you don’t want to get pregnant or aren’t willing to be extra careful without contraception.

I am due to be getting the Implant removed early August.

Another thing I want to warn you about is. NHS are so hesitant to remove your Implant. I don’t know if this is just my doctors surgery, but I have been to the doctors 2 TIMES to ask to have my Implant removed. I have been sent away 2 times. Which I really don’t agree with. 1st time I was told that they would rather me try another pill on top of my implant to calm down my irregular bleeding. Then I walked away and thought “d’ya know what, no? I want it removed?”. 2nd time booking to have it removed. It got to THE DAY of my apt.. “Oh tbh Khloe, I would rather not take it out today and give you some leaflets about the coil first as we don’t want you accidentally getting pregnant if you take out your implant without any other form of contraception”. Considering you have to wait like a month to get your implant removed due to needing a lot of arrangement, this really p*ssed me off. Also why not call me way before I dragged my arse down here and brought my at the time 7 month old out to the doctors which if you’re a mum you know its a lot of effort?! Anyway, whilst I was there I took her advice obviously thinking, she’s a doctor, she knows what she’s doing bla bla. So I left the surgery with the devil stick still in my arm. When I spoke to Jack about it he made me realise that this wasn’t right?… 1, We might want another child, she doesn’t know that? Who are you to decide that for me? 2, IT’S MY BODY???

I’ve managed to persuade them to take it out now but by having to go to the doctor AGAIN, lie and say “We want to try for another baby” so that they have to take it out. That’s insane?

So I would strongly advise asking for the pill version of the implant before having it put into your arm. PLEASE.

I think I’ve covered everything I would want someone to know about the implant and it’s sometimes just nice to hear about other peoples experiences before doing something. I do it all the time.. Thanks for reading!

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Stage 2 Meal ideas- Weaning

Stage 2 – moving on from those thinly blended meals and adding in more lumps and thickness. Finger foods are probably a good idea to introduce now if you haven’t already. It is a messy job and if you’re like me and have serious OCD then it will really hurt your feelings watching all of the mess being made on the floor, on the high chair, on your BABY, but TRY not to stress about it too much aha! They will love touching, throwing and chewing on the food themselves and also gives them some independence. Let them enjoy it!

Freddie is still on stage 2 I would say. He has recently been teething so he has had a little phase of not wanting to eat solids/breastfeed at all which is normal. You’ve just got to try and give them as much water/expressed/formula milk as possible from a bottle or sippi cup as you can. I will be doing another post on teething because that’s a whole other story, trust me

So, here are some stage 2 meals that I’ve been making for Freddie whilst also keeping majority of stage 1 meals in the plan as well.


  • Multigrain porridge- Mixed with any fruits or on its own.
  • Bowl of fruit (Finger food) with Low fat Greek Yoghurt.
  • Rusk biscuit soaked and mushed in breast milk to make a baby cereal.

I add peanut butter in with most of these sometimes but only add this if you’re comfortable with baby eating this early on. Test baby with a tiny bit at first.




  • Avocado and banana- Mushed but lumpy.
  • Mushed hard boiled egg with a bit of bread on the side (finger food).
  • Ready made organic sachets from the supermarket. (Great for if you’re having a long day and don’t want to make something from scratch).
  • Mushy Banana sandwich (Finger food).
  • Fruit in a bowl with a full rusk biscuit (Finger Food).
  • Mushy tuna with bread.
  • Slices of cheese with some organic baby crisps and fruit.




  • Organic sachets from supermarket.
  • Roasted butternut squash and mushy sweet potato.
  • Salmon with rice (Mushed) add some avocado if its too dry.
  • Mashed up roasted potato and chicken- Add any veg.


Water given with every meal and regularly through the day. I’ve noticed since its been hotter, Freddie tends to refuse to eat after a couple of mouthfuls because he is thirsty. Offer water throughout the meals as this could be a reason as to why baby is refusing solids.

This is just a basic plan of what I am giving to Freddie at the moment. He loves his fruit and veg more than meats at the moment. It’s never smooth running at this stage as they’re still getting used to eating and different textures. There are some days where I make his food and he totally refuses it and it goes straight in the bin. It’s normal!

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Relief for Eczema, Bug bites, Nappy Rash, Cradle cap and Boo boo’s.

Everyone loves a bath don’t they? A bath is what’s needed along with these remedies that are below. This post is mainly for babies BUT anyone can use these for any of the above.


Image result for breast milk bath

The number 1 go to. Don’t stop reading if you do not breastfeed or have anyone around to supply you with breast milk. I have another suggestion coming up!

Breast milk is full of goodness! A breast milk bath for anyone who has any of what is mentioned in my title, is what’s needed. This is also perfect for using up any expressed milk that would have just been thrown in the bin!

  1. Fill the bath as you normally would for yourself/baby.
  2. I would say to use about 200ml of breastmilk for baby and maybe double if you’ve got a full bath tub.
  3. Pour the breast milk into the bath.
  4. Soak in the bath for however long you wish.
  5. Once out of the bath, don’t rub the skin with the towel too rough. Try to pat fully dry rather than rubbing.
  6. Apply coconut oil to the area/skin.
  7. Do this 1-2 times a week I would say.

I use my breast milk on my skin sometimes when I have a spot and I have witnessed that it works wonders! I genuinely would give my milk out to anyone who wished to use it to help themselves/their baby, that’s how much I believe in it aha!


Image result for oatmeal bath

Another option for if you do not have breast milk available.

  1. Go to the supermarket and buy some ORGANIC oats.
  2. Blend them up till almost like a powder.
  3. Fill up bath as normal.
  4. Add the oats to the bath.
  5. Soak for as long as you wish.
  6. Once out of the bath, don’t rub the skin with the towel too rough. Try to pat fully dry rather than rubbing.
  7. Apply coconut oil to the area/skin.
  8. Do this 1-2 times a week I would say.

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Equipment essentials for weaning

It’s time to wean! Your baby is growing almost too quickly and becoming more and more like us when it comes to needing food and water. I personally was worried about the weaning stage as I had no idea how Freddie was going to take to it and I didn’t know where to start etc.

It’s not as hard as I thought at all. You’ve just got to be relaxed with it and most importantly, enjoy it!

There will be times when they’re not feeling up to it, spit it back out or just want to touch all the food rather than taste it. They’re just getting used to tasting something other than milk, it must be strange for them. You just have to go with what your baby wants. Don’t force feed, rush or keep trying when they’re clearly distressed. They will then associate feeding time as something negative! Freddie has been great with eating his first solids, he loves food. Probably because both of his parents LOVE food a bit too much aha!

This post is just going to include what you need “equipment wise” for the beginning stage of weaning as I have only just got past the first stage with Freddie so I will be sharing my tips and advice on food also as I go along!


As weaning is such a messy and fun thing for your baby, you want to keep it colourful and also easy to clean after they’ve smudged their food all over it!

You don’t want to spend too much on all of this, so here is a list of what I went and bought for the first few weeks of weaning. I’ve linked below where to buy them!


I grabbed these section plates. So easy to clean. Sectioning off the food is useful as well if you want to do some puree food and also some finger bits.



Grab a few of these!


Sippy Cup:

A sippy cup was a must for us because Freddie has only ever had breast, so he absolutely REFUSES to take a bottle. We are currently in the process of giving him sips of water and milk from his sippy cup.

Freezer pots:

These are perfect for making up a large batch of meals and freezing for the week, you can then just defrost 1 by 1 each day, rather than having to make meals EVERY day.

There you go! Those are the basic essentials needed for starting to wean your little pickle. Enjoy!


How my baby changed me

Before I fell pregnant. I would honestly always look at people with babies and think “No thanks.” Or “I’ll probably just be the cool Auntie.” Looking back now I would say I definitely used to be a selfish person. I think certain situations in my life made me that way, the people I associated with, the lifestyle I was living, being hurt in relationships, friendships etc. If something wasn’t going my way, I wouldn’t compromise. If I wanted something and I couldn’t have it, it was like the end of the world.

Having a baby changed me in such a positive way and as it turns out, I am so maternal. I would say being a mother is my talent. Me and Jack are great parents to Freddie and considering we hadn’t been together very long before we had Freddie, it’s made our relationship even stronger and more exciting than it was at the start! It just proves that you shouldn’t always judge or be hesitant on the length of time you’ve known/been with someone. Don’t ever feel you need to explain yourself to other people either! People who have been together for years can have a baby and it all goes messy! You never know. Your instincts will always know what is best for you.

If anyone asked me what my talent was before having a baby, I honestly wouldn’t be able to come up with one? As soon as Freddie arrived I took to being a mother so well and I’m so proud of myself for it (and jack as being a dad). I never felt that I had a passion before becoming a mum or even a purpose? I never really had a long term hobby or commitment to anything I enjoyed. I was literally just trying to find happiness out of materialistic things and I tell you now, full happiness doesn’t come from that. I’m not saying my life was miserable, not at all. Me and my friends have some crazy, fun memories that we will never forget! It was just my fault for prioritising more toxic things in my life over spending time making more memories with my friends at the time.

Being a mother teaches you that you can’t always have what you want, when you want it. To put someone else before yourself and it doesn’t even feel like a chore. It’s such a strong love that you wouldn’t dare put yourself before them, ever. I always thought “No way you’ll be catching me waking up during the night for a baby” WRONG. As soon as that little man is awake in the night, I’m straight up! Knowing that I’m the one making him feel comforted and loved is a much better feeling. I mean of course it will, but you do think totally different about it before actually becoming a parent. You don’t consider the bond and connection you would have. You just see it as “having A baby.”

Everyone has different ways of finding themselves and finding their happiness. I used to love going shopping, partying, probably more than I should of done, but I “needed” nice things to make me happy and I “needed” to go out to be happy. Turns out this wasn’t MY happy. It was like I was living as a fake me? Also obviously just growing up and learning lessons. I would spend money on ridiculous things that I didn’t even need and forget about it the next day. Now though, spending money isn’t my main priority. I would choose the company of my family over money ANY day. Of course this is the natural way parenting and having a family should work, but I think we’d find a lot of people do still rely on money for happiness after having a family. I now understand what people mean when they say that money isn’t happiness. When you think about it, it’s such an amazing, beautiful thing that your child can change you into a whole new better person and teach you such a big lesson in life. It brings you down back down to earth. My family are what truly make me happy. Everything else is just a bonus.

Having a baby has also changed me as a girlfriend and a friend. Before, I had such a guard up with everyone. I cared way too much about how I came across to people and I wasn’t real enough with people close to me and even myself. I have now become so understanding and see things in a different, more positive way. I’m so much more open in my relationship and can be myself. I’m so lucky to be with someone who fully supports Freddie and I, in every way. I’m more grateful for the little things also. I’m more open in my friendships and have been able to realise who my real friends are! I’ve found myself and I’m confident in myself and the way I think.

When people would say “A baby changes you so much.” I would always think “How? This is me? How can I change if this IS me?” I was so wrong. A baby changes you in ways you wouldn’t even think. I was one of them people who needed to have my eyes opened and have that big reality check ASAP. Some people don’t want to have children and they will have other ways of finding themselves. Mine was Freddie and of course my relationship with someone who accepts me for who I am, loves me and shows me that everyday.

Everyone deserves to be happy!

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POSTPARTUM RECOVERY- Party Poopers, Padsicles and a little TMI.

A few months before Freddie was due to arrive, the worries started kicking in about giving birth and post-partum recovery. It seemed as though the majority of people were out to terrify me about the “horrific” experience of birth itself and your body post-partum. (Hence the “party poopers” in my title)

Sorry if this is a little TMI. I had people telling me that “down below” would “never be the same again” and that if I had stitches i’d be in agony for weeks after etc. Basically just that down below would be RUINED. It was the one thing I mainly worried about after hearing all of this!

I started searching online, ways to help the recovery after giving birth and anything that can prevent these horrific outcomes happening to me. So I’m going to share with you a couple of tips and some truths. I know that everyone’s body recovers differently but these ways can certainly help EVERYONE to some extent.

Lets make some Padsicles!

I came across these on You Tube and I saw that quite a lot of people had made these and it also looked quite fun so I made hundreds in the weeks leading up to my due date. Basically it’s a sanitary towel soaked in Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel (amazing for healing and cooling any soreness) then kept in the freezer to make them cool for when they’re used.

So let me show you how to make these! They’re simple to make.

What you need:

  • Sanitary Towel
  • Witch Hazel
  • Aloe Vera
  • Lavender Oil (Optional)
  • Storage bag (carrier bag)
  1. Take your pad and open it up but not removing it from its wrapper.
  2. Spread some Aloe Vera gel ALL over the pad. (I used the back of a spoon to spread it around).
  3. Add the Witch Hazel ALL over the pad, I personally smothered mine. You can buy a spray or just liquid, I used just the liquid.
  4. You can add some lavender oil, I personally love lavender oil so I just added some anyways. It smells nice!
  5. Once you’ve covered your pad enough, fold it back up in its wrapper.
  6. Put them into your chosen storage bag and pop them in the freezer!

These can be stored in the freezer for however long. When going to use these, let them defrost a little before using.

There you have your padsicles!

Keegal Exercises

Start these as early as possible during pregnancy. I have always done these, pregnant or not! These help to strengthen your pelvic floor. They’re great for after birth as it can speed up the process of getting you back to your normal size down there. YES, it does go back. It’s designed to!

So, the best time to do these (in my opinion) is on the toilet. As of course you will be pulling up against gravity. I will try to explain this as clean as I can.

Sit on the loo or even laying down. Tense/Squeeze your bum as tight as possible (as if you’re desperately trying to hold in a poop). Do NOT hold your breath whilst doing this, keep breathing as it’s harder to do which means you’re doing it properly. Don’t tense anything else other than that area. Try to hold for 10 seconds. Or you can do short reps 10-20 times in a row. Do this EVERY DAY. I do it whenever I can!

Keegal exercises can have sexual benefits as well. Just putting that out there.

Ignore the horror stories

Now, all I can personally say about all of the horror stories I was told about birth and after birth. For me, it was totally WRONG. I was stupid to listen really. Also, why would you want to scare the hell out of a pregnant woman? Keep your own horror stories to yourself please!

I can understand that maybe some women could be left with a difference down below after birth, maybe due to age, genetics, or that’s just their body.. but I was TOTALLY opposite! I don’t know if it was down to always religiously doing keegal exercises or just that I am a petite person? Another mumma friend of mine had the same outcome (also petite), maybe why? I don’t know. It just proves that you should never listen to other peoples stories about their own personal experiences of giving birth/ having a baby because EVERYONE recovers differently. Don’t even take what I’M saying to heart because you may have a totally different experience! I’m just showing that there not all outcomes are bad after birth.

I only used about 5 of my padsicle’s after birth because I just wasn’t in much pain BUT, I know a lot of women that have said they used so many and they helped so much! I was not in pain when I urinated after birth, another thing I was told would happen (it can). I DID have a postpartum tummy which I didn’t expect to have, mine took about 6 weeks to go back to normal size again. I was highly emotional after giving birth also. It was like everything I expected to happen, didn’t. And whatever I didn’t expect, happened!

If you’re pregnant and worrying about the changes of your body after pregnancy. PLEASE don’t expect that what everyone tells you, that it is going to happen to you!

I hope the padsicle’s help!

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Breastfeeding and expressing- MUST KNOW.

If you haven’t had your baby yet and you’re wanting to breastfeed AND express to bottle feed your baby. Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long to introduce the bottle!

I originally planned to do both as it would’ve been easier in terms of someone being able to babysit Freddie if Jack and I were needing to do something and Freddie couldn’t come along. We waited just a tad too long to introduce the bottle to Freddie, by no fault of our own. He had already grown so attached to my boobs, up until now (still kind of is). We were advised by one of our midwives that you “must” wait up until 4 MONTHS to introduce the bottle to your baby? So of course that’s what we done. Nuh uh, wrong.

You’re supposed to introduce it at around 4 WEEKS old.

This makes so much more sense! It’s just quick enough before your baby gets too attached to your boob but also just long enough for baby to get the hang of breastfeeding and to avoid confusion between the two. I don’t hold any grudge against the midwife who misinformed us (maybe a smidge) aha, maybe she just confused the “week” with “month”. I do LOVE breastfeeding my little pickle and I’m lucky that breastfeeding for me has been a smooth run from the get go. I know that not everyone is able to breastfeed and it’s not like i’m being ungrateful at all. To be honest, it’s not like we’ve needed/wanted to leave Freddie yet for a whole day. Although, on the other hand it would of just been nice for Freds to take a bottle just in case Jack and I were away from him for the day, to just have the option there for a babysitter to be able to give him the bottle. Also it would’ve been nice for Jack to feed Freddie sometimes as I know he would love to do that. It hasn’t been hard for us because we don’t really tend to have time away from Freddie much or if we do have a date night, he is in his full night sleep mode and someone just keeps an eye on him for the evening.

If you’re wanting to do both, DON’T WAIT TOO LONG TO INTRODUCE BOTTLE.

If your baby baby is refusing the bottle, like freds. These are 3 main ways of how we have worked around it:

  • Date nights– For mine and jacks date nights, we will wait till he is down for the night (Freddie’s bedtime is 7pm). This gives us hours to be out and not worry about rushing home etc.
  • Days out– If we’re going out for a few hours to do shopping, lunch etc. I always feed him JUST before we go out. Then you can get a couple of hours without having to slip the boob out. (I do not feed in public). If you do then this should be an easy ride for you!
  • Sippy cup at 5 months- Recently we have been giving Freddie a little sippy cup as he is 5 months old. He takes from the sippy cup but still not a bottle. Try this!

Always go with what your baby wants. Don’t ever force your baby into something they are clearly refusing. If they don’t like the bottle even at 4 weeks then it’s just not right for them and you can also enjoy breastfeeding to its fullest as it is such a beautiful thing!

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Bringing baby home

So here we are. It’s time for you to leave the hospital and take your sweet little baby home! For me, this was the exact time that it actually hit me “this little human is totally reliant on me and Jack”. It was so exciting but at the same time, terrifying. As it was October when Freddie was born, it was cold outside. When getting him ready to leave and take him outside for the first time, I didn’t know whether I had dressed him enough, was he too cold? Was he too hot? What if we can’t get the car seat in the car properly? What if he cries in the car?… Of course your going to question all of these things. Just stay calm and trust your instinct. When its cold, always have baby in 1 extra layer than the amount you have on. Everything else will works itself out, there’s always a solution.

When you get home, you will be tired, but your body wont want to sleep. You will be solely focused on making sure baby is OK. I was constantly checking that he was breathing. I didn’t sleep till the next night after getting home. Remember, if anything is worrying you that much, your midwife would of given you a contact number to call if you have any questions!. 

If you are breastfeeding, like I am. Your milk probably wouldn’t have come in yet. You will still be producing colostrum which is the yellow liquid (you probably leaked it quite a lot during pregnancy). This is fine for baby as their stomachs are so tiny it’s just enough to fill them up. The one thing that does happen which I do wish I was told is.. With breastfeeding, the first night your home, your baby could be rather unsettled/crying a lot. This is not a bad thing! The clever thing is, this crying helps to stimulate your breasts to produce the milk for baby! How amazing is that? ( Obviously do not assume that this is the only reason, if you feel somethings not right then call your midwife) I remember Freddie non stop crying and all I could think was “Wow, really?.” Then once my milk actually came in, he was a totally different baby! He was just super hungry. Of course it’s all a shock to the system. I was overtired and emotional. Your allowed to be a little overwhelmed for a while, its totally normal! I probably called the midwife twice when I got home to ask questions as I was worried about little things. Don’t hesitate to call as many times as you want, that’s what they’re there to do!

Baby will be feeding on demand from the boob. (Cluster Feeding). You cannot over feed a breastfed baby and if he/she is hungry then give them a feed. Your baby shouldn’t go longer than 6 hours of no feeding (NHS). I fed Freddie with no t-shirt/bra on. This gives skin to skin contact and really helps with bonding and baby will love your warm skin and smell. Its the best kind of cuddle! Making sure you wind baby after every feed. Freddie had quite severe mucus for a few days after he was born. He was gagging and spitting up a hell of a lot, so I was pretty much continuously winding him/ patting his back.

If you are bottle feeding, there’s no waiting around for your milk to come in. Its all set and go for you! One good idea for you is if you and your partner are extremely tired you could take it in shifts to have a nap and the other looks after/feeds the little pickle. One thing you cannot do with breastfeeding is take turns in waking up to feed unfortunately! (Unless baby takes a bottle) it is advised via NHS not to introduce bottle to a breastfed baby until they are 4 weeks old as can cause confusion with bottle/breast.

You will come up with so many questions to ask your midwife the next day when she comes to visit. I had a little notebook and wrote any questions down so I didn’t forget. It also keeps your mind clear of overthinking. Last thing you need when you’ve got a new baby to look after is a mind full of worry and stress of trying to remember other things.

Try to stay relaxed as much as possible. Don’t worry about unpacking your hospital bags. Don’t worry about tidying anything. Jack and I were rather anxious when we got home that first night, which I’m assuming is so common for new parents. We both understood how each other were feeling and you’ve both just got to learn together and support each other. Hey ho, Patience is key, through all of parenthood, not just the first night! Before you know it, you’ve completed your first day/night of parenthood! What an achievement!

Make the most of your bubba being so tiny, it fly’s by!

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7 ways to stay positive every day

In the past, I found myself having way more negative days than positive. I would let tiny things get to me, seriously over think things to the point of getting myself in a negative mind set or just feel like I wasn’t really accomplishing anything day after day. Of course, everyone does have days where they’re not feeling great or in the best of moods, were all human and no one is ever continuously happy, that would just be weird? I was just having these days way too often. Which is how you might be feeling right now?

It’s easy to make yourself look like you’re happy to other people, but it’s how you actually feel in yourself that’s important. When you’re trying to make yourself happy, you may try to achieve goals set too high or try to bring yourself to a high standard of perfection which actually can make you feel worse as you’re being way too hard on yourself and trying just that little bit too hard. You have to just be good to yourself, which is what I’ve learnt.

Here are some ways I keep myself feeling positive every day. (Besides now having my perfect little family who never fail to make me happy every single day!)

  • Make the bed every morning!

This may seem like a ??, but making the bed every morning is great for your mind! Main reason, you’ve already accomplished something FIRST THING in the morning! Also it makes the room look way better with a tidy bed.

  • Do one nice thing for yourself every day

Do your hair, paint your nails, pop a face mask on, make yourself a nice dinner, run a nice bath, listen to your favourite music. Whatever you enjoy doing. TREAT YOURSELF. Do one thing that will make you feel good and something you enjoy once a day, or even more than once! Having something to look forward to or doing something you love (even something small), can really change your day. Even get in a bit of exercise! It releases endorphins, these make you feel positive.

  • Do one nice thing for someone else every day

Help someone if you see them struggling with something, make your partner dinner or a cup of tea, compliment someone on their new hair or something they’re wearing, donate to a charity. All of these things will make you feel positive because you’ve made someone else’s day that little bit better!

  • Forgive yourself

Some people are way too hard on themselves (I used to be). You can’t please everyone, if someone doesn’t like you for who you are, who cares? Nobody is perfect. We all mess up. It doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person. We all have things we regret/would change or do differently if we could. Holding on to something that you cannot change will always stop you from moving forward and being happy. Forgive yourself. Making mistakes is how you learn and become an even better person.

  • Forgive others

As I said above, everyone makes mistakes. I think if we automatically had to cut someone out from our lives as soon as they upset us, lied to us, betrayed us etc, then we would all be rather lonely people? EVERYONE makes mistakes, small or big. Some are easier to forgive than others of course. We learn from others mistakes as well as our own ones. All we can do sometimes is just forgive and forget (maybe not forget), but finding it in yourself to forgive someone is such an accomplishment in itself and makes you the bigger person.

  • Smile more

Smiling can boost your mood instantly (Fact). Smiling at someone walking past. It can also change that other persons day, you never know how they’re feeling. It certainly changes mine when someone smiles at me! It’s so common now days to walk past someone and all you get is a blank face. Even just smiling when you’re on your own. You may feel a bit weird doing that aha, but it does make a difference.

  • Remove toxic people from your life

Sometimes we find ourselves being associated with people who aren’t good for our mental health or who bring out the worst in us. They can make you feel like you’re not good enough or it’s just that person makes you feel negative by the way they behave or speak to you. Maybe your personalities just clash. Whether that’s a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, family member or even just someone at work. Some are easier to remove than others obviously. If you CAN remove them, then do it. Why bother staying in touch/in a relationship with/close to or civil with that person purely due to the fear of upsetting them/worrying what it will be like without them or just to be nice? You need to put yourself first. I mean, if that person is bringing that much negativity to you anyway, surely you’re not exactly wanting to give them the time of day?

Finally, just be grateful for all of the positive things that you DO have in your life. Stop focusing on the negative, it’s so easy to get caught up in, that you then forget everything there is to be happy about! Sadly, someone will always have it worse than you, in different ways, somewhere out there in the world. These are the reasons why we need to sometimes step back and take a breath, to just appreciate what we DO have as there’s probably someone out there who doesn’t and that they would do anything to have that one thing you have.

Be positive!

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Products to use for acne prone skin.

So, I received a good few messages after my last post, saying you were looking forward to this post and HERE WE FINALLY ARE!

I was an acne sufferer myself (as I’ve previously mentioned) and I’ve finally managed to find the best products for my skin. I would never change them again and I would like to share them with you in case you are going through what I have been through.

Obviously everyone’s skin is different and some peoples are less/more sensitive than others and may react to products in different ways, but these products I’m about to share with you are recommended for Acne prone skin.

So, lets get down to it!

Cleansing Routine.

Every morning and evening I cleanse my face. I never use anything harsh on my skin that may irritate.

Dermalogica Precleanse.

This is the first product I use on my skin. It does exactly what it says, “precleanse”. You apply it to your face still with makeup on, no added water just straight onto the face and emulsify.

This is the part where I will wet my flannel and wipe this all off.

So at this point all of your makeup is off and you’ve had that first little cleanse and assured that all of your makeup is off. (I don’t tend to use this if I have had a makeup free day)

Dermalogica Clay Cleanser

This is the main cleanser I use. Either after my precleanse if I’ve had makeup on. Or just this if I have no makeup on.

This is soft on the skin and leaves a cooling feeling on your face. Almost like a minty feeling?

I don’t use a flannel to wipe this off. Instead, I use luke warm water to splash off of my face, just to keep the wash as gentle on the skin as possible.

Always pat your face try with a towel. I avoid rubbing dry or not drying properly as both can cause irritation to skin.

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

This is a little tester I’ve used and ordered more as it’s amazing. Applying this after face is dry and leaving on over night.

It makes your skin feel quite tight and firm. The next morning my skin is never red and feels extra soft. It’s just that extra protection for during the night also!

So these are the 3 main products I use the majority of the time.

There are a few more products I use once/twice a week:

Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing Cleanser

I use this product once every other week. Due to the fact there’s another product (which is coming next) that I use in the weeks between. I do these on a Sunday (not that it matters).

*This REPLACES the Dermal clay cleanser and is used as the main cleanser. Still using all of the other original products*

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

This is the other product that I use every other week. It’s a gentle exfoliator. I’m never normally a fan of exfoliating as it will always irritate my skin but this product is so gentle, yet really gives your skin a good deep cleanse.

*I use this ALONG with the Dermal Clay Cleanser, applying it afterwards, still using the other original products.*

These products are rather pricey when you add them up, but if you’re like me and are that desperate to change your skin. SPEND THE MONEY. Dermalogica do smaller versions of most products that you can test before buying the big ones.

The 2 extras I’ve added on above, I always buy the smallest as they’re only being used once every other week!


This is another thing I highly recommend doing if you have scarring from Acne. I do this once every 2 weeks.


Amazon- Dermaplaning Tool.

You can buy one of these on Amazon. It basically removes all of the peach fuzz from your face. Helps with makeup application and helps your skin soak up products much better. Like moisturisers, cleansers, night masks etc.

You can watch tutorials on Youtube on how to do it.


Amazon- Dermaroller

You can buy a dermaroller on Amazon for like £10. You can get more expensive ones but this one works perfect for me. I buy a 0.5mm needle as it’s deep enough to puncture the skin and is the recommended size for scarring.

It can sting/bleed a little afterwards but its so worth it.

You can find tutorials of dermarolling on Youtube.

Pure Emu Oil

I apply an oil after dermarolling. You can use any kind of oil after dermarolling. I also use Pure Aloe Vera afterwards as it cools down the burning a little.

You can find these online. Amazon, Ebay.

I only leave it on for an hour or so, just for my skin to soak up the oil and calm the redness. Then rinse my face. I still carry out my normal cleansing routine in the evening.

It’s advised not to wear make up till the next day after Dermarolling.

One thing I always expected with products, was for the product to work in about 1 week. You need to give the product a good 6 weeks or so to actually show a real difference and see if your skin is improving.

*ALSO STAY HYDRATED* 2 litres a day if poss.

I really hope if you try these products out, that they work for you as I know the feeling of desperation to have that clear skin. If you have any questions you can comment/message me on Instagram!

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Are you struggling with Acne?

This is going to be a post that I could write about forever. So I’m going to try and keep it as short as I can.

I’ve been there, done the whole experience of the little kill joy. Trying to work out what’s causing your skin to be like this. Hormones? Diet? Skin care routine? Age? You always think you may have found the solution and BAM, they come back again. Searching videos on YouTube with titles “I GOT RID OF MY ACNE IN 1 WEEK” or even 1 day, then you try what they done and it either made it worse or didn’t do anything at all. I remember feeling like it was NEVER going to go. This was me for the rest of my life.

Mine started when in my first year of secondary school. It started off on my forehead, which I think is common at that age for people who get spots. At the time, to me, it was just the worst thing anyone could ever see… I would have a side fringe that covered my forehead to hide them but that probably made it worse as well. They vanished from my forehead probably a year after I left school. I had about a year with no spots at all and then once I was about 18 they came back, but these were on my jawline and around my cheek area. Sometimes painful. They NEVER went and I was also at that age of going out partying, drinking etc. I don’t think my lifestyle was helping my health/skin either.

I then started trying every recommended thing to try when you have got acne…

I went to a dermatologist. Had laser sessions on my skin. NEVER GOT BETTER!

Microdermabrasion. NEVER GOT BETTER!

I started meditating because I was told it could of been down to stress. NEVER GOT BETTER!

Roaccutane- 6 months and worked for a bit but came back.

I changed my skin care routine about 100 times. NEVER GOT BETTER!

Went on a different contraception. NEVER GOT BETTER!

I literally was trying and would try ANYTHING to help it go. My makeup looked awful around that area of my face because obviously they’re spots. There’s no fully hiding them. I tried everything you can see on the internet. It made me feel so low sometimes. Thinking “Why me?” ALL the time.

When I got pregnant with Freddie, the first 3 months of pregnancy, I had such bad morning sickness. I was signed off work. Didn’t see any friends and family. I was just locked away in the bedroom. Curtains closed and only just about able to keep the tiniest bit of food down. My skin was pretty bad at this point. I think because I wasn’t well, not getting any fresh air, not eating any healthy foods etc. Even water made me feel sick.

My second trimester FINALLY came round and my morning sickness totally went and I felt amazing. I don’t know if this was just a coincidence. I either had just outgrown my acne or it was the pregnancy but those little gremlins FULLY vanished. My skin was PERFECT. I was going out with 0 makeup on and still can now!

As my spots haven’t come back still, I’m assuming that it was just me outgrowing it. Although I have a very strict skin care routine now, using great products, it could also be down to that. It must of been an age/hormonal thing? I can eat like crap now, accidentally miss a face wash once in a blue moon and I wont get 1 spot?! The only time I will get a couple is obviously on or just after my period.

I have just had my Implant inserted though, so I will have to see how my skin goes with this. It’s been almost 2 weeks now. If they start to come back I’m going straight back onto nothing. (Of course not having another pickle yet), so will need to work something out.

All I can say to people going through this is. IT WILL GET BETTER EVENTUALLY. You just have to ride it out. I know a few people who went through the same and as they’ve got older, it’s vanished. Some peoples could be down to sensitive skin etc but if yours is like mine, IT WILL GO. I think a big mistake I made and others will be making, is copying all of these bizarre videos you see of people claiming that certain products “get rid of your acne”. Just consider that these people could be promoting products for money and the product may actually be harmful to your skin. (Experienced this a number of times). Of course they won’t care, they’re getting paid to promote the product. ££££ is all they see. Use products that are as natural as possible. Soft on your skin and no harsh chemicals.

A dermatologist told me once that acne for most people completely goes at the age of 24. I don’t know if this is true but that’s what she said.

It does get you down a lot and I know exactly what it feels like. Just remember that everyone has an insecurity on their body. Whether it’s acne, moles, freckles etc.. You might not even notice these thing on other people yet they could be so conscious of it everyday! You always picture it being worse than it actually is. Embrace what you have and think of all the other things you love about yourself. It’s easy to forget about the positives when you focus solely on the negative.

My next post is going to be products that I would recommend using for acne prone skin. I’ve bought SO many products in my time. Tried everything there was, so I think the products I will recommend to you will really help to some extent! They certainly have with me and I will never use anything different!

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Workout with baby.

Here are 2 videos of simple mum and baby workouts for burning that postpartum baby fat. It’s always best to burn your fat slowly as your skin needs to stay firm to avoid sagging.

It’s a perfect way for you to bond with your baby whilst getting some fitness in your daily routine. Freddie loves our workouts and he doesn’t tend to join in with any hardcore cardio. Just lays there and laughs at me jumping around everywhere!

It’s also important to keep hydrated whilst exercising so have a big bottle of water nearby. Also always warm up/stretch before and after exercise to stretch out muscles.

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