I have always struggled finding the right contraception that agrees with my body. It seems that every single one I try always makes me break out? I’m at the point where I would rather not be on ANY contraception than keep trying ones with false hope and then I just break out again.

This is my second time of going on the Implant. The last time, I was about 16 /17 and it didn’t agree with my body at all. I actually lost a lot of weight? Which they say if anything, you’re likely to gain a tiny bit of weight on the implant but nope, not for me. I always had migraines, low mood, tired all the time. As I was quite young I just kept it in, in fear of having to have it taken out. Stupid.

Anyway, since then I have been on numerous contraception’s. Mainly ones that people have always said “OMG my acne cleared with that one”. Yasmin, Cilest, Microgynon and a few others which I cant remember the names of. NONE of them have ever helped my skin. I have basically had spots all through my teen years and early 20’s. When I was back in my teens, acne was seen very differently to how it is now. I feel like now days, everyone is so much more open and honest about their skin. More accepting. Everyone says social media is negatively effecting society BUT there are benefits to it too, especially for young people. All over Instagram now, girls and boys are so open about their skin flaws and even YouTube you can find millions of vloggers showing you their skin journeys, reviewing different products etc. Even my blog right now. You can read reviews everywhere.

As you will know, I’ve recently had Freddie. He is now 9 months old. When I fell pregnant with Freddie and for a while after (I’ve mentioned this in my other acne post) my skin was CLEAR. Literally no spots for almost a year. I went back on the Implant in February, so currently 5 months in. Since then, my spots have been coming back twice a month. So I definitely now know that it is hormones that is causing my acne. My periods are coming around twice a month rather than once which is obviously making my skin break out more frequently as I always break out on the week leading up to my period. One thing I can say that makes me happy is that the break outs are no where NEAR what they used to be. I get a few and then they go again, once I’m off my period. Whereas before I had acne constantly. I think because I’ve had it worst in the past, I am able to put up with this for the moment.

I am always tired at the moment and have much shorter patience with things. Which when you have a baby, patience is something you NEED. Luckily I’ve got the most patient boyfriend who can deal with my sassiness for the moment haha! Contraception works differently on everyone and I feel like it’s so hard to find the right one for you. I personally give up with trying different contraception’s. That’s just my choice. I’m not saying I would advise giving up if obviously you don’t want to get pregnant or aren’t willing to be extra careful without contraception.

I am due to be getting the Implant removed early August.

Another thing I want to warn you about is. NHS are so hesitant to remove your Implant. I don’t know if this is just my doctors surgery, but I have been to the doctors 2 TIMES to ask to have my Implant removed. I have been sent away 2 times. Which I really don’t agree with. 1st time I was told that they would rather me try another pill on top of my implant to calm down my irregular bleeding. Then I walked away and thought “d’ya know what, no? I want it removed?”. 2nd time booking to have it removed. It got to THE DAY of my apt.. “Oh tbh Khloe, I would rather not take it out today and give you some leaflets about the coil first as we don’t want you accidentally getting pregnant if you take out your implant without any other form of contraception”. Considering you have to wait like a month to get your implant removed due to needing a lot of arrangement, this really p*ssed me off. Also why not call me way before I dragged my arse down here and brought my at the time 7 month old out to the doctors which if you’re a mum you know its a lot of effort?! Anyway, whilst I was there I took her advice obviously thinking, she’s a doctor, she knows what she’s doing bla bla. So I left the surgery with the devil stick still in my arm. When I spoke to Jack about it he made me realise that this wasn’t right?… 1, We might want another child, she doesn’t know that? Who are you to decide that for me? 2, IT’S MY BODY???

I’ve managed to persuade them to take it out now but by having to go to the doctor AGAIN, lie and say “We want to try for another baby” so that they have to take it out. That’s insane?

So I would strongly advise asking for the pill version of the implant before having it put into your arm. PLEASE.

I think I’ve covered everything I would want someone to know about the implant and it’s sometimes just nice to hear about other peoples experiences before doing something. I do it all the time.. Thanks for reading!

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