Stage 2 – moving on from those thinly blended meals and adding in more lumps and thickness. Finger foods are probably a good idea to introduce now if you haven’t already. It is a messy job and if you’re like me and have serious OCD then it will really hurt your feelings watching all of the mess being made on the floor, on the high chair, on your BABY, but TRY not to stress about it too much aha! They will love touching, throwing and chewing on the food themselves and also gives them some independence. Let them enjoy it!

Freddie is still on stage 2 I would say. He has recently been teething so he has had a little phase of not wanting to eat solids/breastfeed at all which is normal. You’ve just got to try and give them as much water/expressed/formula milk as possible from a bottle or sippi cup as you can. I will be doing another post on teething because that’s a whole other story, trust me

So, here are some stage 2 meals that I’ve been making for Freddie whilst also keeping majority of stage 1 meals in the plan as well.


  • Multigrain porridge- Mixed with any fruits or on its own.
  • Bowl of fruit (Finger food) with Low fat Greek Yoghurt.
  • Rusk biscuit soaked and mushed in breast milk to make a baby cereal.

I add peanut butter in with most of these sometimes but only add this if you’re comfortable with baby eating this early on. Test baby with a tiny bit at first.




  • Avocado and banana- Mushed but lumpy.
  • Mushed hard boiled egg with a bit of bread on the side (finger food).
  • Ready made organic sachets from the supermarket. (Great for if you’re having a long day and don’t want to make something from scratch).
  • Mushy Banana sandwich (Finger food).
  • Fruit in a bowl with a full rusk biscuit (Finger Food).
  • Mushy tuna with bread.
  • Slices of cheese with some organic baby crisps and fruit.




  • Organic sachets from supermarket.
  • Roasted butternut squash and mushy sweet potato.
  • Salmon with rice (Mushed) add some avocado if its too dry.
  • Mashed up roasted potato and chicken- Add any veg.


Water given with every meal and regularly through the day. I’ve noticed since its been hotter, Freddie tends to refuse to eat after a couple of mouthfuls because he is thirsty. Offer water throughout the meals as this could be a reason as to why baby is refusing solids.

This is just a basic plan of what I am giving to Freddie at the moment. He loves his fruit and veg more than meats at the moment. It’s never smooth running at this stage as they’re still getting used to eating and different textures. There are some days where I make his food and he totally refuses it and it goes straight in the bin. It’s normal!

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