Stage 1 meal ideas – Weaning

The first stage of weaning I found quite tough, as online there are so many different ways of starting to wean your baby onto solids and obviously you want to know what foods are safe for baby and that you’re doing it all right.

First of all…


How shall I begin to wean my baby? – I went with just spoon feeding during stage 1. Some people go with JUST baby led weaning (which is where baby is left to pick up foods and feed themselves) and some do a combination of both. I personally didn’t feel as though Freddie was quite ready to be feeding himself at this stage. I just waited till he started showing more interest in food. It is a lot for them to take in as well as yourself!


What foods shall I start off with? (PLEASE check on the NHS website what foods are’t safe for baby). One site recommended just giving baby purely greens for the first 2 weeks as it broadens their taste pallet and then adding sweeter foods later on. Another site recommended giving a variety from the beginning. I guess either way is fine but I went with giving just the greens for only a week, then I slowly added sweeter things after that.

All babies move at their own pace with weaning, Freddie is now at stage 2, eating lumpy foods and started baby led feeding, he is 8 months old. Some babies are ahead or behind but let them go at their own pace.

Babies don’t need to be having 3 meals a day when they start off. I would just give Freddie one portion a day at the beginning till I felt he was comfortable eating properly.

I just thought I would post some of the meals I started off with for Freddie in case anyone is stuck on how to start off!

First Week

  • Mushy avacado- use a fork to mush it up so there are no lumps.
  • Mushy broccoli and peas- Boiled for 7-10 mins/ remove the stems from the broccoli and mush altogether with a fork till no lumps. I added some of my breast milk to make it more runnier.

Nice and simple!

Second Week

  • Mushy avocado and banana – mush with a fork till smooth.
  • Mushy broccoli and sweet potato- Boil broccoli and sweet potato for 7-10 mins and mush with a fork till smooth.
  • Mushy carrots and roasted butternut squash- Boil carrots for 7-10 mins and chop up butternut squash into cubes, roast on 180C/Gas 4 for 45-50 mins. Then mash together till smooth.
  • Baby porridge with mushy berries/ banana.
  • Mushy rusk biscuit mixed with breast milk/formula.

Offering sips of water after every meal.

I carried on with basics like this for a couple weeks as he liked all of them. We are now at stage 2, gradually making it to 2/3 meals a day and adding meats like Fish/Chicken but I will post more stage 2 meal ideas next!

This was my personal choice of how to start weaning my baby, there are many other ways too! The beginning is just about getting used to the taste of foods rather than actually eating them. (There was a bit of gagging also and that is normal, it’s just so alien to them but they begin to like it!)

Enjoy the mess!

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