It’s time to wean! Your baby is growing almost too quickly and becoming more and more like us when it comes to needing food and water. I personally was worried about the weaning stage as I had no idea how Freddie was going to take to it and I didn’t know where to start etc.

It’s not as hard as I thought at all. You’ve just got to be relaxed with it and most importantly, enjoy it!

There will be times when they’re not feeling up to it, spit it back out or just want to touch all the food rather than taste it. They’re just getting used to tasting something other than milk, it must be strange for them. You just have to go with what your baby wants. Don’t force feed, rush or keep trying when they’re clearly distressed. They will then associate feeding time as something negative! Freddie has been great with eating his first solids, he loves food. Probably because both of his parents LOVE food a bit too much aha!

This post is just going to include what you need “equipment wise” for the beginning stage of weaning as I have only just got past the first stage with Freddie so I will be sharing my tips and advice on food also as I go along!


As weaning is such a messy and fun thing for your baby, you want to keep it colourful and also easy to clean after they’ve smudged their food all over it!

You don’t want to spend too much on all of this, so here is a list of what I went and bought for the first few weeks of weaning. I’ve linked below where to buy them!


I grabbed these section plates. So easy to clean. Sectioning off the food is useful as well if you want to do some puree food and also some finger bits.



Grab a few of these!


Sippy Cup:

A sippy cup was a must for us because Freddie has only ever had breast, so he absolutely REFUSES to take a bottle. We are currently in the process of giving him sips of water and milk from his sippy cup.

Freezer pots:

These are perfect for making up a large batch of meals and freezing for the week, you can then just defrost 1 by 1 each day, rather than having to make meals EVERY day.

There you go! Those are the basic essentials needed for starting to wean your little pickle. Enjoy!

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