If you haven’t had your baby yet and you’re wanting to breastfeed AND express to bottle feed your baby. Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long to introduce the bottle!

I originally planned to do both as it would’ve been easier in terms of someone being able to babysit Freddie if Jack and I were needing to do something and Freddie couldn’t come along. We waited just a tad too long to introduce the bottle to Freddie, by no fault of our own. He had already grown so attached to my boobs, up until now (still kind of is). We were advised by one of our midwives that you “must” wait up until 4 MONTHS to introduce the bottle to your baby? So of course that’s what we done. Nuh uh, wrong.

You’re supposed to introduce it at around 4 WEEKS old.

This makes so much more sense! It’s just quick enough before your baby gets too attached to your boob but also just long enough for baby to get the hang of breastfeeding and to avoid confusion between the two. I don’t hold any grudge against the midwife who misinformed us (maybe a smidge) aha, maybe she just confused the “week” with “month”. I do LOVE breastfeeding my little pickle and I’m lucky that breastfeeding for me has been a smooth run from the get go. I know that not everyone is able to breastfeed and it’s not like i’m being ungrateful at all. To be honest, it’s not like we’ve needed/wanted to leave Freddie yet for a whole day. Although, on the other hand it would of just been nice for Freds to take a bottle just in case Jack and I were away from him for the day, to just have the option there for a babysitter to be able to give him the bottle. Also it would’ve been nice for Jack to feed Freddie sometimes as I know he would love to do that. It hasn’t been hard for us because we don’t really tend to have time away from Freddie much or if we do have a date night, he is in his full night sleep mode and someone just keeps an eye on him for the evening.

If you’re wanting to do both, DON’T WAIT TOO LONG TO INTRODUCE BOTTLE.

If your baby baby is refusing the bottle, like freds. These are 3 main ways of how we have worked around it:

  • Date nights– For mine and jacks date nights, we will wait till he is down for the night (Freddie’s bedtime is 7pm). This gives us hours to be out and not worry about rushing home etc.
  • Days out– If we’re going out for a few hours to do shopping, lunch etc. I always feed him JUST before we go out. Then you can get a couple of hours without having to slip the boob out. (I do not feed in public). If you do then this should be an easy ride for you!
  • Sippy cup at 5 months- Recently we have been giving Freddie a little sippy cup as he is 5 months old. He takes from the sippy cup but still not a bottle. Try this!

Always go with what your baby wants. Don’t ever force your baby into something they are clearly refusing. If they don’t like the bottle even at 4 weeks then it’s just not right for them and you can also enjoy breastfeeding to its fullest as it is such a beautiful thing!

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