In the past, I found myself having way more negative days than positive. I would let tiny things get to me, seriously over think things to the point of getting myself in a negative mind set or just feel like I wasn’t really accomplishing anything day after day. Of course, everyone does have days where they’re not feeling great or in the best of moods, were all human and no one is ever continuously happy, that would just be weird? I was just having these days way too often. Which is how you might be feeling right now?

It’s easy to make yourself look like you’re happy to other people, but it’s how you actually feel in yourself that’s important. When you’re trying to make yourself happy, you may try to achieve goals set too high or try to bring yourself to a high standard of perfection which actually can make you feel worse as you’re being way too hard on yourself and trying just that little bit too hard. You have to just be good to yourself, which is what I’ve learnt.

Here are some ways I keep myself feeling positive every day. (Besides now having my perfect little family who never fail to make me happy every single day!)

  • Make the bed every morning!

This may seem like a ??, but making the bed every morning is great for your mind! Main reason, you’ve already accomplished something FIRST THING in the morning! Also it makes the room look way better with a tidy bed.

  • Do one nice thing for yourself every day

Do your hair, paint your nails, pop a face mask on, make yourself a nice dinner, run a nice bath, listen to your favourite music. Whatever you enjoy doing. TREAT YOURSELF. Do one thing that will make you feel good and something you enjoy once a day, or even more than once! Having something to look forward to or doing something you love (even something small), can really change your day. Even get in a bit of exercise! It releases endorphins, these make you feel positive.

  • Do one nice thing for someone else every day

Help someone if you see them struggling with something, make your partner dinner or a cup of tea, compliment someone on their new hair or something they’re wearing, donate to a charity. All of these things will make you feel positive because you’ve made someone else’s day that little bit better!

  • Forgive yourself

Some people are way too hard on themselves (I used to be). You can’t please everyone, if someone doesn’t like you for who you are, who cares? Nobody is perfect. We all mess up. It doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person. We all have things we regret/would change or do differently if we could. Holding on to something that you cannot change will always stop you from moving forward and being happy. Forgive yourself. Making mistakes is how you learn and become an even better person.

  • Forgive others

As I said above, everyone makes mistakes. I think if we automatically had to cut someone out from our lives as soon as they upset us, lied to us, betrayed us etc, then we would all be rather lonely people? EVERYONE makes mistakes, small or big. Some are easier to forgive than others of course. We learn from others mistakes as well as our own ones. All we can do sometimes is just forgive and forget (maybe not forget), but finding it in yourself to forgive someone is such an accomplishment in itself and makes you the bigger person.

  • Smile more

Smiling can boost your mood instantly (Fact). Smiling at someone walking past. It can also change that other persons day, you never know how they’re feeling. It certainly changes mine when someone smiles at me! It’s so common now days to walk past someone and all you get is a blank face. Even just smiling when you’re on your own. You may feel a bit weird doing that aha, but it does make a difference.

  • Remove toxic people from your life

Sometimes we find ourselves being associated with people who aren’t good for our mental health or who bring out the worst in us. They can make you feel like you’re not good enough or it’s just that person makes you feel negative by the way they behave or speak to you. Maybe your personalities just clash. Whether that’s a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, family member or even just someone at work. Some are easier to remove than others obviously. If you CAN remove them, then do it. Why bother staying in touch/in a relationship with/close to or civil with that person purely due to the fear of upsetting them/worrying what it will be like without them or just to be nice? You need to put yourself first. I mean, if that person is bringing that much negativity to you anyway, surely you’re not exactly wanting to give them the time of day?

Finally, just be grateful for all of the positive things that you DO have in your life. Stop focusing on the negative, it’s so easy to get caught up in, that you then forget everything there is to be happy about! Sadly, someone will always have it worse than you, in different ways, somewhere out there in the world. These are the reasons why we need to sometimes step back and take a breath, to just appreciate what we DO have as there’s probably someone out there who doesn’t and that they would do anything to have that one thing you have.

Be positive!

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2 Comments on “7 ways to stay positive every day

  1. Love this!! I feel like such a negative person sometimes, I get really bad anxiety and worry the things I want will not happen or are a far way off, although everything I’ve wished for so far has come true? We are so weird as human beings!
    My intuition works wonders at snaping me out of it sometimes – however I have read 2 books about the power of thoughts and it’s really helped change my mindset! There was one sentence in the book I read saying something like: “why are you worrying about something that has not happened yet? It makes no sense” and it is so true! Every time I think of something negative I literally say ‘delete’ out loud!!, also what the book told me to do! Haha
    I like what you said about smiling more.. definitely going to try this. And that last thing you said was a wake up call, there’s someone out there that probabaly wants something I have, so appreiating what I have is what I’m going do more! X

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    • Thanks for the comment! I have read “The power of now” and that book really changed my mindset too! I’m glad that my post has given you some inspiration and I hope that they work out for you! x


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