Soothing baby

This post is rather short and sweet as life is rather busy at the moment. We are selling our flat! Moving onto bigger and better things! Only just being able to sit down and type this after a full day of cleaning! URGH.

I’m going to be sharing some ways that I manage to get Freddie to settle when he’s having a moment and works himself up. Before Freddie was born this was the main thing I was worried about. “What if I can’t work out how to settle him?” I would write pages and pages of info that I would gather from listening to podcasts about babies different cries, how to recognise what cry means what and how to soothe certain cries. I honestly think nesting was my craving? I would not stop preparing, cleaning, buying things, moving things round. I HAD TO DO IT. I would even then give Jack lessons on what I had learnt so he could keep up with the knowledge aha!

Freddie is a lot like his mumma… a little dramatic sometimes and can work himself up extremely easily! (I call him the Drama King). He is one of those babies that can get to the point of literally not being able to catch his breath crying to instantly smiling or just stop crying over all, when we use these certain techniques. Don’t get me wrong, Freddie is such a content baby. Almost everyone we see says how happy he is and how he’s so relaxed! But still, he has his days. Just like we as adults do.

Here are some of my favourite methods of how I soothe Freddie.
(If he’s not hungry or needs a nappy change that is) You should try these. Some of them may seem so simple to current mums but these are for the mums to be or new mums who are a little anxious of what’s to come or struggling a little with just having had their baby.

  • Picking him up and bouncing him in my arms whilst patting his back. (This is one we all naturally do anyway.)
  • Popping him in his seat to watch me do some housework. (I think they find this entertaining and they are also still close to you so they’re comforted.)
  • Singing to him. Twinkle Twinkle is his favourite.
  • HAIRDRYER. This is our number 1 go to if Freddie is hysterically crying, has overworked himself and we’ve tried everything to calm him down. This is a lifesaver. We lay him in his cot and pop on the hair dryer and he instantly stops and sometimes even falls straight asleep! Noises like this can really soothe a baby. I recommend trying it!
  • Clean my hands and let him suck on my finger. Freddie won’t take a dummy so my thumb or his thumb, if he finds it does the trick.
  • Pop on the TV with a colourful movie and songs. Of course sitting baby in front of a TV for hours is not good. A little while doesn’t hurt if it makes them happy.
  • Bath. Freddie loves a bath. He can be extremely grumpy and as soon as he’s in that bubble bath he is so happy!
  • GYM BALL This is another great one. If you don’t have one, GET ONE. Sitting Freddie on my lap and just bouncing on my gym ball (gently). The motion of bouncing up and down on a gym ball is different to just holding them in your arms. It really works. They say it reminds them of the motion they felt when they were in your tummy.
  • Take them for a drive/walk. As soon as Freddie is in the car or out of the flat. He’s straight to sleep!

We luckily haven’t ever got to the point of 0 of these techniques working. Freddie is generally a good baby, we got very lucky. Give these a try and see if they work!

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