So, I received a good few messages after my last post, saying you were looking forward to this post and HERE WE FINALLY ARE!

I was an acne sufferer myself (as I’ve previously mentioned) and I’ve finally managed to find the best products for my skin. I would never change them again and I would like to share them with you in case you are going through what I have been through.

Obviously everyone’s skin is different and some peoples are less/more sensitive than others and may react to products in different ways, but these products I’m about to share with you are recommended for Acne prone skin.

So, lets get down to it!

Cleansing Routine.

Every morning and evening I cleanse my face. I never use anything harsh on my skin that may irritate.

Dermalogica Precleanse.

This is the first product I use on my skin. It does exactly what it says, “precleanse”. You apply it to your face still with makeup on, no added water just straight onto the face and emulsify.

This is the part where I will wet my flannel and wipe this all off.

So at this point all of your makeup is off and you’ve had that first little cleanse and assured that all of your makeup is off. (I don’t tend to use this if I have had a makeup free day)

Dermalogica Clay Cleanser

This is the main cleanser I use. Either after my precleanse if I’ve had makeup on. Or just this if I have no makeup on.

This is soft on the skin and leaves a cooling feeling on your face. Almost like a minty feeling?

I don’t use a flannel to wipe this off. Instead, I use luke warm water to splash off of my face, just to keep the wash as gentle on the skin as possible.

Always pat your face try with a towel. I avoid rubbing dry or not drying properly as both can cause irritation to skin.

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

This is a little tester I’ve used and ordered more as it’s amazing. Applying this after face is dry and leaving on over night.

It makes your skin feel quite tight and firm. The next morning my skin is never red and feels extra soft. It’s just that extra protection for during the night also!

So these are the 3 main products I use the majority of the time.

There are a few more products I use once/twice a week:

Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing Cleanser

I use this product once every other week. Due to the fact there’s another product (which is coming next) that I use in the weeks between. I do these on a Sunday (not that it matters).

*This REPLACES the Dermal clay cleanser and is used as the main cleanser. Still using all of the other original products*

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

This is the other product that I use every other week. It’s a gentle exfoliator. I’m never normally a fan of exfoliating as it will always irritate my skin but this product is so gentle, yet really gives your skin a good deep cleanse.

*I use this ALONG with the Dermal Clay Cleanser, applying it afterwards, still using the other original products.*

These products are rather pricey when you add them up, but if you’re like me and are that desperate to change your skin. SPEND THE MONEY. Dermalogica do smaller versions of most products that you can test before buying the big ones.

The 2 extras I’ve added on above, I always buy the smallest as they’re only being used once every other week!


This is another thing I highly recommend doing if you have scarring from Acne. I do this once every 2 weeks.


Amazon- Dermaplaning Tool.

You can buy one of these on Amazon. It basically removes all of the peach fuzz from your face. Helps with makeup application and helps your skin soak up products much better. Like moisturisers, cleansers, night masks etc.

You can watch tutorials on Youtube on how to do it.


Amazon- Dermaroller

You can buy a dermaroller on Amazon for like £10. You can get more expensive ones but this one works perfect for me. I buy a 0.5mm needle as it’s deep enough to puncture the skin and is the recommended size for scarring.

It can sting/bleed a little afterwards but its so worth it.

You can find tutorials of dermarolling on Youtube.

Pure Emu Oil

I apply an oil after dermarolling. You can use any kind of oil after dermarolling. I also use Pure Aloe Vera afterwards as it cools down the burning a little.

You can find these online. Amazon, Ebay.

I only leave it on for an hour or so, just for my skin to soak up the oil and calm the redness. Then rinse my face. I still carry out my normal cleansing routine in the evening.

It’s advised not to wear make up till the next day after Dermarolling.

One thing I always expected with products, was for the product to work in about 1 week. You need to give the product a good 6 weeks or so to actually show a real difference and see if your skin is improving.

*ALSO STAY HYDRATED* 2 litres a day if poss.

I really hope if you try these products out, that they work for you as I know the feeling of desperation to have that clear skin. If you have any questions you can comment/message me on Instagram!

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