This is going to be a post that I could write about forever. So I’m going to try and keep it as short as I can.

I’ve been there, done the whole experience of the little kill joy. Trying to work out what’s causing your skin to be like this. Hormones? Diet? Skin care routine? Age? You always think you may have found the solution and BAM, they come back again. Searching videos on YouTube with titles “I GOT RID OF MY ACNE IN 1 WEEK” or even 1 day, then you try what they done and it either made it worse or didn’t do anything at all. I remember feeling like it was NEVER going to go. This was me for the rest of my life.

Mine started when in my first year of secondary school. It started off on my forehead, which I think is common at that age for people who get spots. At the time, to me, it was just the worst thing anyone could ever see… I would have a side fringe that covered my forehead to hide them but that probably made it worse as well. They vanished from my forehead probably a year after I left school. I had about a year with no spots at all and then once I was about 18 they came back, but these were on my jawline and around my cheek area. Sometimes painful. They NEVER went and I was also at that age of going out partying, drinking etc. I don’t think my lifestyle was helping my health/skin either.

I then started trying every recommended thing to try when you have got acne…

I went to a dermatologist. Had laser sessions on my skin. NEVER GOT BETTER!

Microdermabrasion. NEVER GOT BETTER!

I started meditating because I was told it could of been down to stress. NEVER GOT BETTER!

Roaccutane- 6 months and worked for a bit but came back.

I changed my skin care routine about 100 times. NEVER GOT BETTER!

Went on a different contraception. NEVER GOT BETTER!

I literally was trying and would try ANYTHING to help it go. My makeup looked awful around that area of my face because obviously they’re spots. There’s no fully hiding them. I tried everything you can see on the internet. It made me feel so low sometimes. Thinking “Why me?” ALL the time.

When I got pregnant with Freddie, the first 3 months of pregnancy, I had such bad morning sickness. I was signed off work. Didn’t see any friends and family. I was just locked away in the bedroom. Curtains closed and only just about able to keep the tiniest bit of food down. My skin was pretty bad at this point. I think because I wasn’t well, not getting any fresh air, not eating any healthy foods etc. Even water made me feel sick.

My second trimester FINALLY came round and my morning sickness totally went and I felt amazing. I don’t know if this was just a coincidence. I either had just outgrown my acne or it was the pregnancy but those little gremlins FULLY vanished. My skin was PERFECT. I was going out with 0 makeup on and still can now!

As my spots haven’t come back still, I’m assuming that it was just me outgrowing it. Although I have a very strict skin care routine now, using great products, it could also be down to that. It must of been an age/hormonal thing? I can eat like crap now, accidentally miss a face wash once in a blue moon and I wont get 1 spot?! The only time I will get a couple is obviously on or just after my period.

I have just had my Implant inserted though, so I will have to see how my skin goes with this. It’s been almost 2 weeks now. If they start to come back I’m going straight back onto nothing. (Of course not having another pickle yet), so will need to work something out.

All I can say to people going through this is. IT WILL GET BETTER EVENTUALLY. You just have to ride it out. I know a few people who went through the same and as they’ve got older, it’s vanished. Some peoples could be down to sensitive skin etc but if yours is like mine, IT WILL GO. I think a big mistake I made and others will be making, is copying all of these bizarre videos you see of people claiming that certain products “get rid of your acne”. Just consider that these people could be promoting products for money and the product may actually be harmful to your skin. (Experienced this a number of times). Of course they won’t care, they’re getting paid to promote the product. ££££ is all they see. Use products that are as natural as possible. Soft on your skin and no harsh chemicals.

A dermatologist told me once that acne for most people completely goes at the age of 24. I don’t know if this is true but that’s what she said.

It does get you down a lot and I know exactly what it feels like. Just remember that everyone has an insecurity on their body. Whether it’s acne, moles, freckles etc.. You might not even notice these thing on other people yet they could be so conscious of it everyday! You always picture it being worse than it actually is. Embrace what you have and think of all the other things you love about yourself. It’s easy to forget about the positives when you focus solely on the negative.

My next post is going to be products that I would recommend using for acne prone skin. I’ve bought SO many products in my time. Tried everything there was, so I think the products I will recommend to you will really help to some extent! They certainly have with me and I will never use anything different!

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