Why you Shouldn’t Compare Yourself to what you see on Instagram.

So if you have Instagram, you will know it’s the main place for sharing your best pictures of places you go and mainly of yourself. All down the explore page, you see model after model, in all of these fancy places, in bikini’s, in amazing dresses. All of the pictures look lovely and sometimes it can make you feel like that’s all they ever do and that’s how they always look. When I was new to Instagram a few years ago that was how I thought. Then I began to do the same, which was when I learnt what actually goes into all of these pictures and getting that perfect post.


We all know about this amazing tool that can make you go from a size 12 to a size 4. A common app called FaceTune. On almost every magazine, advertisement you see, it will almost certainly be photo shopped. This is exactly what goes down on the old Instagram. The thing is, everyone in this “Instagram Game” knows about it, but not necessarily those who aren’t in on it. Don’t get me wrong there probably are some people out there who can get the perfect picture with barely any clothes on and not edit it in 1 way whatsoever. I can think of only a few people I know who DON’T edit their pictures on social media. One of them includes my Nan. Aha. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with editing your photos, it’s down to the individual, what makes them happy and feel good. I used to do all of the editing, so I’m certainly not one to be slating people for it. At the time, I loved doing it. I just didn’t know that it was actually making me not like my real self even more. The 1 edit feature I use now is the one that is automatically installed on my Camera which is “Soft Skin Effect”. A pretty common one that everyone uses these days. There’s no longer anything wrong with my skin (I used to have hormonal acne) but it’s on there and makes me look even more flawless so why not use it? I’m happy to say that I love my skin now and I love the shape/ size of my body now but, I never used to like the way I looked, hence more intense editing in the past.

The number of photo’s taken to get the right one.

Those bikini pics don’t just happen with 1 snap hunny. I’d say 20-30 maybe even more. Getting the right angle, lighting on your face/body and sometimes your face just doesn’t look right. If you do get the perfect picture in just 1 snap then you’re killin’ it. Never heard of that being done before. You may have your lucky days sometimes and get it right in about 3 which is probably my best aha! Also I’m a mum now so I don’t even have the time to be taking 20-30 photos, changing bikini’s/outfits numerous times to get a few nice ones. Or time to go out at “Golden Hour” to get the perfect glow on your skin!

Instagram is a lovely way to share amazing photos with friends and family don’t get me wrong. I love sharing photos of myself and my family and seeing beautiful pictures of my loved ones. But the fact is, Instagram does also put so much pressure on people to always feel like they need to look perfect, eat healthy all the time to be a size 4 and have the “perfect body”. The truth is a large percentage of the bodies we see on Instagram, are JUST Instagram. The super tiny waists (that sometimes people get a little too photo shop happy with), the super smooth skin, the super plump booties. They aren’t always like that in the real world. I’m not saying NO ONE in the world looks like the way they do on Instagram. Of course they can. As I said it’s just that a large percentage don’t. There’s a certain way that people want to look now days… the hourglass figure, the tiny waist with the wider hips and big booty. Do you seriously think that EVERY one of these people you’re looking at in these photos actually have that body shape? Nope. You may be fooled! All I’m saying is majority of Instagram is now photoshop. It’s not that all of these people are insecure about their bodies (maybe they are), it’s just that photoshop has become the norm for most people. The amount of competition now days, it’s got people making themselves look like a totally different person just to look this certain way that is the new “perfect”.

So if you are that person who is looking on Instagram and comparing yourself to all of these photos/ lifestyles. Don’t always assume that it’s real. Everyone has stuff that they keep private and not all of it is pretty. I just wanted to make this post for people who are putting too much pressure on themselves as social media is proving to have such a negative impact on many people these days. It certainly happened to me. Love yourself and don’t waste your life away trying to be something that doesn’t exist as much as its portrayed to.

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