Every mother has a different morning routine depending on their baby’s sleep pattern. In the newborn days there’s no such thing as a routine, its kind of just going with what baby wants. They have no sleep pattern, they don’t know the difference between night and day, cluster feeding, wanting loads of cuddles etc. These are the days where relaxing as much as you can is important for recovery (whether you’ve delivered naturally or C-section) and just being in a bubble with your little pickle.

My routine with Freddie has always been pretty much the same from about 1 month old. I believe that making a persistent routine as early as possible can really help for yourself and baby to have a day that’s run smoothly and can really benefit in the long run.

So, Freddie is now sleeping all through the night (Of course not all babies do). Bedtime is 7pm. (occasionally waking for a feed around 1am) and normally wakes up again at about 7.30-8 am. As soon as he partially wakes at this time, I will change his nappy and then feed him. (I would always change nappy before feeding if your baby is still in sleep mode.

He will then lay in bed with me for an hour or so and then go back to sleep around 9am for another hour and a half. I try to put him back in his cot to sleep during this time but sometimes he ends up staying in the bed. Then it’s MY TIME;

  • First of all I have a quick shower. We have an en suite bathroom so I can be close to him and have the door open to hear him. If you have a main bathroom I’m sure a quick shower wont hurt!
  • Morning face wash ritual. Moisturise etc.
  • Get dressed into my lazy day clothes if we’re not going anywhere for the day.
  • Make the bed (This can honestly change your day. Its the first thing that you’ve accomplished in the day and makes you feel fresh and “got it together”)
  • I then make a tea and eat something so I have my first source of energy for the morning.
  • Put on any wash that needs to go in as I would forget otherwise.
  • Prepare Freddie’s daytime basket which has everything needed for the day (Nappies, wipes, cotton wool, vitamins, mini change matt, gripe water, soft brush, nail clippers etc.

Now I am nice and ready for the day ahead.

Freddie’s then wakes and we go into the nursery or living room to get him ready for the day. First of all, another feed and then nappy change. *I do nappy change after the feed during the day* (Freddie fills his nappies very quickly) This is a good sign to show your baby is hydrated. I follow the “Feed, Play, Sleep” method. This way he doesn’t associate falling asleep with being on the boob and sends himself off to sleep for nap time, after being active.

Getting Freddie Ready

Basket ready as I mentioned earlier.
  • Change of nappy first as I said above.
  • Take off his baby grow to wash him down.
  • I find that babies skin is so sensitive still so I like to use cotton wool and warm water to clean the face and anywhere else that needs cleaning.
  • To dry his face off I use a muslin cloth to pat his face dry as leaving their face wet can cause chapped skin/sore skin.
  • Then moisturise his face and body. I use natural coconut oil which you can get from any drug store or even food store. I got mine from Holland and Barrett. I put this all over his face and body. It doesn’t irritate the skin, has no fragrances.
Coconut Oil from Holland and Barrett
  • Freddie has cradle cap at the moment so I also rub coconut oil onto his scalp and let that stay on there all day till bath time in the evening. And give his hair a little brush with his soft brush to loosen up the cradle cap.
  • I then give him his Vitamin D3. Freddie is breastfed so he needs this along with me taking my vitamin D3 supplements. If baby is bottle fed they do not need extra Vitamins as formula milk provides that.

Vitamin D3 from Holland and Barrett. Make sure you get “FOR BABY”
  • If he is a bit gassy or uncomfortable (hasn’t pooped for a day or two) I will give him some gripe water. (Which you can get from Boots)
  • Then get him dressed into another sleepsuit if we are in for the day.

Straight after he’s ready he will have tummy time for about 10-15 mins till he’s had enough. He also does baby sit ups which was recommended by a chiropractor we took him to.

Once he’s done with that I will then lay him either on his play matt or in his bouncer to look/play with his toys whilst I take out the washing/ painfully do the washing up etc.

Another feed, burp if he’s up for it. Sometimes yes and sometimes no..

Once he gets a bit bored. I will put some music on and do some exercise with him on the rug. He loves to join in! (and it tires him out) I will be putting up a post on post natal exercises with baby. The exercises I do now are more intense than the ones I was doing in the early days after having Freddie as you still need to recover. (At your 6 week appointment they can tell you if you’re fit enough to exercise, which I asked.)

And that’s pretty much our morning routine!

I hope this helped make things a little simple for any new mums looking for a simple routine to get their baby into.

You will find what works best for you and baby as time goes on. I just remember searching “Morning Routines with baby” when I was pregnant and looking at what other mums do as their routine and it helped me!

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4 Comments on “Morning Routine 0-3 Months

  1. I think it’s also worth reminding mums that not all babies sleep through the night and you aren’t doing anything wrong. Enjoy your baby until the 4 month sleep regression, it all changes from there πŸ˜πŸ˜‚


    • Of course! This post is just based on my personal morning routine with Freddie and any tips that I have from my experience. I will be doing further posts that will include the 4 month sleep regression once Freddie and I have experienced it ourselves! Thank you for the comment I will be sure to mention πŸ™‚


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