Hey and welcome to my blog! This blog has been created out of a love of motherhood and family. I started this blog as it’s something I find so relaxing and a way to have some me time. I don’t really have any other main hobby’s at the moment, so it’s nice to have something that you can just zone out to in the evening and type away. The majority of my posts will be based on being a mum, as that’s what I love and enjoy more than anything in the world! We are expecting baby no.2 in June this year! I will also post other random bits that come to mind depending on what I’m currently interested in. I love shopping for clothes, either for myself or Freddie. I love anything to do with home shopping e.g. rugs, lamps, throws, cushions, candles, all of that good stuff. We are set to be moving into our new home this year in 2020 so a few home posts are definitely in the bag. I’m also a huge lover of lotions and potions, I have baskets full at home haha! My skin has always been on and off with breakouts so I am always very on top of my skincare routines. I think that is whats given me this huge obsession with products.

So, if any of this sounds like a bit of you, please stick around because I love to share any tips I come across with any of these topics. Head over to my ‘Projects’ page to see a few Galleries and learn a bit more about me. Or visit my ‘Posts’ page for my regular posts. ♡♡♡

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